La Ferme De Peter LLP (a subsidy of Sheenlac Paints Limited) is an agriculture company incorporated in 2015, to offer farm development and management service with sustainable farming disciplines.

Our professional services embrace farmland acquisition, soil improvement, water conservation, crop selection, farming, farm activities management, advisory service, research & development, harvest and sales.

In 2018 we extended our operations from farming to nursery, producing quality planting materials for the farming community.


We oblige to crop edible produces in our farm with organic practice (chemical free) for folks healthy living.

Only a good seed sown and supported with good agriculture practices (water, manure, insecticides, etc), becomes a good plant yielding nutrient products. Consumed nutrient products boosts healthy & successful living.

A seed / sapling from a good plant alone can establish as good plant under favourable environment and care. In this significant cycle, we would like to play the important roles of producing and serving healthy primary planting materials, to produce healthy secondary produces.


  • Research, implement and exercise the advance agriculture practices for successful sustainable farming.
  • Become the most trusted farming company offering quality and healthy farm produces to folks.
  • Research and produce pure & superior planting materials to the farming community, thus become a reliable nursery.
  • Improve the livelihood of 1 lakhs farmers by producing and supplying the best planting materials, for best produces.